Christopher Leath (aka el gato #9) has a method of mixing that combines sounds together from various genres, whether it’s live, dancin’ or chillin’ out.  Composition, experimentation, and emotion are the core elements of his DJ style and music creation.

Christopher concentrates on the way multiple sources of media blend with the intention of producing a whole new melody and rhythm. Early influences like Mei Lwun (Solstice) and Tomas (Umoja) introduced Christopher to various sorts of hip hop, 80’s synth pop, ambient, downtempo, and house music blended together. Christopher enjoys just about all genres of music from different parts of the world and eras.

Reconstructing prerecorded songs developed into the search for original sounds to include in his mixes. This eventually led to composing those sounds into his own tracks. Initially, his orchestration consisted of stone, metal, wood, drum machines, and synths filtered through analog devices. As technology advanced, digital systems were added to his arsenal of instruments.