In the beginning there was…uhmmm… nothing?!? In particular Humberto de Nada (or, preferably, de nada) started off as the Robkat way back before the Rave Daze, before the 2 room clubs with Trip-Hop in the small front room and House on the main floor, before the gothy dark kids were slinking around claiming Industrial.

As a high school and college radio DJ he would flood the airwaves with what we now finally classify as true underground music. Then came the Nada Sound System manifestation with two turntables, analog and digital keyboards, several broken objects, a scary CD with an ornery sarcastic attitude modified by early effects modules (not to mention peculiar biochemical permutations); in the background observing and learning were the apprentices Christopher and Paul Leath.

Having toyed with the likes of Autumn Cathedral, Neurosis, Slug, Trance and Andalusia, Robert Humberto “Mano” de Nada currently resides in San Jose CA concocting content, working with classical Carnatic (South India) music, spinning locally and representing Six Degrees records, organizing live shows and events, occasionally writing for XLR8R, conspiring with Tomas Palermo (Double Identity/Voltage), possibly finishing an MFA with CADRE at SJSU, often studying Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, working diligently towards Pax Cannabis, wistfully entertaining the idea of running through the mountains, and also watching entirely too much basketball.