Paul Leath has been DJ’ing and producing electronic music for sometime now. His musical background consists of piano, trombone and trumpet training. But his fascination with turntables started when he was 17 years old, spinning’ hip hop in a DJ crew with current el otro mundo members De Nada and Christopher Leath.

Paul has always been a vinyl collector, but didn’t start buying techno or house music until 1995. It wasn’t until this time that Paul took his DJ’ing seriously and began to hone his skills. By 1996, he was playing clubs and underground’s all over the Bay Area. Over time, Paul built a following and has become one of San Francisco Bay Area’s most recognized DJ’s, headlining at clubs he once used to frequent on a weekly basis, playing alongside other DJ’s he once followed.  Shortly after, he made several trips overseas to expand his sound to eager European and Australian crowds.

Producing music became a natural progression for Paul because of his love to create new music, push the norm and also starting the label (el otro mundo productions) with brother Christopher aka el gato #9.

After a long, long break from DJ’ing, the “scene”, touring, producing, Paul Leath has returned to make another impact on the world of dance music. While  continuing el otro mundo Productions, they (along with his brother) launched a new dance floor driven label called Friction Recordings.  While continuing the Leathal party with such guests as Jeff Mills, Jeno, Rick Preston, Kenny Larkin, Craig Kuna, Kevin Saunderson, Johnny Fiasco, Alland Byallo and The Rhythmist. The objective of this return to his love of DJ’ing and music is to continue to enjoy every moment and keep pushing the norm. It’s time to kick some ass and ask questions later…. The ride is and will be fun!!!!

Who is Leathal?
DJs Christopher and Paul Leath combine their respective talents to become the tag team entitled: Leathal.  As part of the respected alternative label el otro mundo, both are independently strong DJs in their own right having developed their sounds over number of years and traveled worldwide to enhance their individual musical palettes.

Radio Show…
Along with the new addition The Notorious P.I.G., they host one of the longest running online radio shows in the Bay Area on Common Ground Radio called eomSessions. This weekly show features local and global DJs and producers.