Stevian has always loved the different beats and melodies of music, but when he heard House music for the first time, it captured his soul. As a vinyl enthusiast, he’s been collecting since the early 90’s. Growing up around the San Francisco Bay Area has made a great impact on his selection of dance and listening tracks. When it comes to explaining what style of music he plays, Stevian mostly considers himself a “mixed bag” which also closely related to the original SF Sound a variety of genres in the same mix with a slower-paced tempo compared to the East coast.

Throughout the years of spinning out at various underground and club events, Stevian has played along side several of his influences and favorite DJ’s: Spun (Rong Music), Tony (Tango Recordings), Simon (ComeUnity-SF), Jeno (Noise from the Void,Wicked), Garth (Grayhound Recordings, Wicked), and Buck (Leaf).

One of the underground events included SJ Deep, which was started by him and his former partner, DJ Dyno. At one point, this was one of the only true underground gatherings in existence from 2000 to 2003 in the entire South Bay Area. Another major event, which began as an early rave then later turned into a club massive, was Funky Tekno Tribe. Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, and Phil Smart were on the bill often at the time period of his participation.

He has been known for some of the most classic and listened-to sets on el otro mundo Sessions. Out of the archives posted for past sets, he consistently ranks in the top 10 in terms of most played. His emphasis is to take people on a musical journey.

Stevian now hosts the weekly radio show Electronic Generation via Common Ground Radio.  This happens every Wednesday from 8-10 pm/pst.