Gagarin has proven to be a consistent, naturally skilled DJ in his display of mixing any genre selected. From his early involvement with De Nada and Christopher Leath, he show-cased this gift at various “one-off” events and residencies. This included the Thursday night weekly at the infamous cafe/gallery initially known as Kismet then Babylon. At a progressive rate, his creativity and talent broadened influencing those who influenced him. Along with De Nada, he was one of the first DJs at the time period to mix nothing but CDs during his set.

His move to San Francisco opened the door for further development in the electronic music experience. Gagarin’s appearances are numerous without documentation. His humble character keeps him in the background from the lime-light, but most fans of genuine DJ sets have heard his work unknowingly. Attempting to define his genre range would be extremely difficult. In his own special way, he has blended Ambient into Down-tempo all the way over to Techno and House seamless in one set.